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→What Biohacking Means: the different definitions and topics biohacking can be translated into

→ Necessity of Biohacking: de-stigmatizing the “all-knowing” status of the western medical system

→ Easy-to-Use Biohacking Tech: the starter pack of apps and teach to start your biohacking journey

Biohacking is a fairly new perspective on health and wellness. The practice empowers us to understand our own biology so that we can self optimize our bodies into achieving peak health and performance. This involves finding targeted approaches to solving health problems and optimizing our current mental and physical state. Unlike western commercialized approaches such as picking up a prescription or fueling your body with sugary energy drinks to “defeat mental fog,” biohacking fosters a relationship between the self and our bodies to holistically self-enhance based on what works for us. In short, biohacking is medicinal approaches created by us, and for us. After all, who knows our own bodies better than we do?



Biohacking and self-optimization can mean a few different things, depending on the context. One touches upon the Do It Yourself biology movement which involves making biology experiments and labs available to everyone or refers to people who are conducting these experiments in their homes. The other is a holistic approach to one’s personal health. It is the process of finding targeted approaches to solving health problems and optimizing our current mental and physical state. It involves both mind and body – science and technology are then used to improve each of these areas from a holistic perspective using nutritional, physical, or other performance-enhancing techniques.

People often think of biohackers the extremists who conduct risky experiments in their garage but there is a whole other side of biohacking which involves natural remedies and non-invasive technology solutions which increase and optimizes your overall wellbeing and covers some of the following topics:

Mind – Which can be altered through; meditation, breathwork, nootropics, and other natural supplements

Body – Enhancing and analyzing your sleep, nutrition for your brain and body, targeted fitness, etc.

Environment – Changing and looking to environmental factors such as air quality, temperature, toxins as well as nature and personal relationships

Take health into your own hands to improve your overall wellbeing

I started biotize because I wanted to give people the chance to take health into their own hands, as I did, through looking to alternative health solutions (supplements, nutrition, habits, and technology-driven products). I want to empower people to go beyond just traditional western medicine approaches to find and other ways to optimize and increase their state of being and health using a natural approach. It’s is a proactive perspective to one’s health, which is contrary to the past where health was not a topic unless it was in regards to fixing something which was already broken.

Consider that western medicine has only been around for a 100 years and is based on the foundation of natural remedies which have been used for thousands of years..

If you are like me and have been disappointed with traditional approaches to illnesses or conditions, or simply want to achieve peak performance naturally, you are in the right place. Biohacking stands for taking self-optimization into our own hands, and applying a combination of different philosophies, both old and new, to eradicate these issues at their core to produce long-lasting results.


This is not to say that the advice of medical professionals should be ignored completely, however, it is a nod to the notion that western medicine is not all-knowing, and that there are dozens of approaches to the same topic. If this is sounding a bit too far-fetched for you, consider that western medicine has only been around for a 100 years and is based on the foundation of natural remedies which have been used for thousands of years. Further, consider that western civilization is far from the healthiest civilization in the world– in fact, we are plagued with diseases and health problems such as obesity and cancer at much higher rates than other parts of the world.

Utilizing Technology to Biohack

The role of technology in biohacking goes beyond the technology itself, but rather what it stands for. Technology is cutting edge, efficient, analytical, and can even be personalized. It seeks to find solutions that are faster and better.


Biohacking does not have to involve complicated technologies. Rather, it is common to use known applications and supplemental tech in biohacking. Some examples of exceptional and accessible tools to aid your efforts are the Apple Smart Watch, the Health App on iPhone, sleep and period tracking applications.

Thanks to the advent of technology and artificial intelligence, we no longer have to rely on blanket solutions to health problems, but rather approaches tailored to our specific needs. We are in a time now where doing our own research and finding alternatives that work for us due to our unique biology and needs is no longer a one size fits all solution it is a series of changes that need to be made to tailor our goals to fit to the lifestyle and health objectives that we set for ourselves. We now easily have access to a number of solutions that range from age-old traditions, that western medicine was based off of to new technology and apps that can aid us in our journey for self-optimization in an easy process.



Biohacking symbolizes the medical community catching up to society. It allows us to personalize, be more efficient, and have higher quality end results. It brings together the most innovative technologies, fresh perspectives, and encourages people that no longer want to meet the status quo or are content blindly following medical and authority. For the first time in history, we have a health philosophy that combines the most cutting edge philosophies and technology with reliable age-old remedies to create the most effective medicine to date.

Biohacking is understanding your biology to create personalized & targeted approaches to your health.

 It may be alleviating or curing a health problem, optimizing mental and physical health, or incorporating technology or technology-minded approaches to maximize efficiency. All-in-all, biohacking takes a future-oriented approach to medicine by combining different medicinal philosophies and technologies to produce the most efficient and accurate outcomes in health to date.

The advent of biohacking is no surprise, in a society where transparency is in high demand and distrust is on the rise, we are seeking to take back control in the many ways we feel we have lost it– biohacking symbolizes our efforts to do this in health. An all-inclusive approach, biohacking seeks to empower people to open their minds to other solutions and to get in touch with their bodies.

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