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→ Better Breathing: adjust air quality, temperature, and toxin-levels to strengthen your body

→Optimize Your 5 Senses: use sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch to optimize your mid

→ Prioritize Personal Relationships: acknowledging support systems to live a happier and healthier lifestyle


From other articles in our Biohacking series, you have learned exactly how to biohack your internal functions to maximize productivity. However, it is equally important to biohack your external factors to give yourself the best environmental conditions to function at your best. The following are three categories of biohacking your environment to benefit a better body, mind, and lifestyle.

To benefit your body, the three most important factors to biohacking your environment is to control the air quality, temperature, and toxins around you.

Firstly, avoiding poor indoor air quality in your house or office will strengthen all of your respiratory organs, from your nose to your lungs. Go through the following checklist to ensure you have the best space around you to breathe happy and healthy:


Adjust Humidity




Maintain Ventilation

    • Add air filters for the following purposes to your building’s structure:
    • Keep windows open for natural air flow; but, remember to avoid laying, sitting, or standing in a spot that receives direct drafts to your head.
    • Choose eco friendly wall paints and finishing materials like tiles, countertops, carpeting, etc.
Secondly, it is important to sleep in a room that is not too hot or cold as your body’s temperature drops during sleep and, so, relies on the environment to maintain optimal core temperature for homeostasis. Go through the following checklist before bed to ensure your body receives the best temperature as you sleep:


  • Adjust your radiators or air conditioning to around 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit/ 18-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep windows open to ventilate the space, making sure not have your head be directly in a draft.


Thirdly, make sure your space is clear of mold toxins. Just like the toxins from the above section on biohacking your mind, mold toxins can be found in your environment as well as food. In addition to lower cognitive performance, these toxins cause harm to your overall health by causing allergies and infections from airborne gasses, chemicals, and other matter as a result of material deconstruction by mold. Go through the following checklist to cleanse your space from these invisible killers:




Prevent indoor mold by controlling moisture (the source of mold growth)

    • Patch up any leaks in your roof, walls, and basements.
    • Eliminate condensation in your bathrooms by turning on the fan or opening the window or door when showering as well as wiping down shower walls, mirrors, and any other glass in the room afterwards.
    • Remove any standing water in drains, floors, or equipment for heaters, coolers, and dehumidifiers as soon as possible.
    • Immediately dry any damp carpets or furniture.
    • Add mold-inhibiting paints for walls as well as adding mold-inhibiting air conditioners and dehumidifiers during moist weather. 

Eliminate existing indoor mold found either by visual inspection or a professional inspector





 With your body now receiving the best air, temperature, and mold-free space, it is time to move onto biohacking your environment to maximize the five senses your mind uses to experience the world around you.

Firstly, biohack the lights around you to biohack your mind via sight.

The amount and color of light we see signals our mind to either wake-up and be productive or sleep. Your mind uses light to know when to properly lessen or increase your body’s cortisol and melatonin levels to jerk you awake or usher you into your sleep cycle.

Waking Up

Going to Sleep 

Second, biohack the aromas around you to biohack your mind via smell. Certain smells, like sounds, can affect your mood. This is the basis of the practice of aromatherapy, which uses essential oils to alter your mood. The following is a list of essential oil flavors you can purchase at any health food store of Amazon to biohack your mood and thus mind:


Thirdly, biohack the surfaces around you to biohack your mind via touch. Pressure points throughout your body, especially in your hands and feet, can tell your body to relax when pressure is placed on them. When stressed or working on something for too long, take a break with the acupressure mat you use to biohack your sleep for 5 or 10 minutes to give yourself a little refresher.
Now with a clean atmosphere and optimized senses for your mind, the last element to biohacking your environment concerns your overall lifestyle.
Our lives are often so stressful and fast-paced that we forget to stop and acknowledge our privileges of a loving family, friend group, and/or place to feel safe enough to relax. This causes our anxieties to overwhelm us and allow our lifestyles to consume all the benefits of our biohacking efforts on our bodies and minds. To change this, refer back to the gratitude exercises from our article Biohacking Your Mind. Taking just a few minutes everyday to list 3 things you’re grateful for in a journal or talking about your favorite part of your day with a loved one before bed will make you much more happier and thus healthier about everything around you.

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