Should voters be required to show identification

I would like to commend The Denver Post for its stance on voter identification laws. The fact that one of the most liberal judges on the Supreme Court (Justice John Paul Stevens) supports the validity of voter ID is an indication of just how partisan the Justice Department’s position is in striving to prevent its use during the upcoming election.

When taking the Justice Department’s position on voter ID in combination with its war on states striving to protect themselves from the federal government’s failure to stop illegal immigration, and its recent (coincidentally convenient) enforcement of ballots in languages other than English, it’s easy to conclude that the Justice Department’s ultimate goal is to do everything in its power to promote and enable Chicago style politics on a national scale during this next election cycle.

Quite apart from Scott Gessler’s defiance of criticism, as displayed to your reporter, is the simple question of whether there’s really any substance to his push “to shake up the status quo” regarding Colorado’s electoral system. Who has heard evidence from Mr. Gessler that something is actually wrong, such that it demands a shake up? Where are some numbers to define a problem truly in need of a solution? How much money will he save by adding restrictions to the voting process? There are few if any facts on the record to demonstrate real expertise or analysis on his part just allegations that play fast and loose with legal language in a way unbecoming an elections lawyer. I suggest Mr. Gessler is promoting his agenda instead of presenting a compelling case for change that would benefit our political environment.

I am dumbfounded when I read these articles about having to prove who you are in order to vote. I cashed a check recently and I was asked to show my ID to do so. I am sure that poor people must cash an occasional check, and I bet they have ID also.

Voting is the most precious right we have in this nation, a right that comes with citizenship. Why would you not have to show that you are deserving of such a right?

Maybe I will go to Spain or China or Mexico and vote in some general elections. I wonder how that will go over. And when they refuse me because I don’t speak the language and can’t produce identification, perhaps I could claim that I have been racially profiled. Again, I wonder how that will go over. Follow DPLetters on Twitter to receive updates about new letters to the editor when they posted.

If the Republicans who are clamoring to make it more difficult to vote would present evidence of a problem in need of a solution, their efforts wouldn seem disingenuous, partisan, and destructive to the rights of voters and to democracy.

If their efforts were balanced by an aggressive effort to proactively ensure that ALL eligible citizens were provided with what they see as acceptable proof, at government expense, their efforts wouldn seem so blatantly and cravenly focused on denying certain demographics, almost completely Democratic, from voting, and their arguments might at least have the appearance of the integrity of the process. alas, neither of these factors are present. There is no evidence of a problem in need of a solution, and no effort to protect the rights of anybody. This is a pure partisan attempt to grab power through illegitimate means, by denying the rights of targeted demographics to vote, by a party which knows it can win a fair election based on the issues.

You people think you fooling anybody? You not. fake id maker online If you had some decent candidates, and reasonable ideas and solutions, you wouldn need to steal elections and deny people their rights.

It interesting to note that effective the first of the year in Illinois, in order to buy common household corrosive cleaning materials such as Drano, one has to show a state issued photo ID and the store has to maintain a written log of all such purchases. That not considered onerous, but asking for the same photo ID for voting is even when nobody is turned down for lack of funds, birth certificate (there are ample means of verifying one identity in order to receive a state ID card) or any other restrictions.

I keep reading that voter ID is an evil tool of the Republicans to suppress voter blocks. However, the state of Rhode Island Democrat Governor, heavily controlled state legislatures by the Democrats, in a state overwhelmingly registered as Democratic identified the need to stop the voter fraud going on and easily passed a voter ID law. Two state representatives both African American in Georgia are fighting for voter ID laws in their state due to high instances of voter fraud.

I not a Republican or Democrat and I can see any legitimate objection to requiring voter ID so long as the state goes out of it way to get state IDs issued to everyone who is legally eligible.

more thinking people think about the issue sillier those who oppose this idea actually sound.

I just went to see a movie this evening, and while the movie I saw (Mission Impossible) was rated PG 13 who wanted to see another movie ( apparently) had to show ID to buy a ticket then had to show ID to another person when they actually entered the specific theater ( case, it was explained, bought a ticket and gave it to someone who wasn old enough to show ID to see a movie? Having to show ID to buy an alcoholic drink? Having to show ID when getting a boarding pass and when going through security AGAIN (sometimes) at the boarding gate? When paying by check? When cashing a check? Having to show ID to a teller when withdrawing money from your own bank account?

We show ID LOT. Sometimes we have to show ID even when using a credit card when making a ticket purchase help reduce fraud/theft.

We show ID so often in our everyday lives those who are opposed to to show ID to vote just plain sound and sillier they voice that opposition.

The FACT is that The Government provides FREE and SUBSIDIZED stuff to people The Time. Gee, one would that The Government could provide Free/Subsidized ID to all them poor folks they are giving away stuff to to help cut down on any FRAUD going on there too.

And apparently, if it is true that, of the most liberal judges on the Supreme Court (Justice John Paul Stevens) supports the validity of voter ID one can assume that Justice Stevens has decided that he doesn want to be one of those who make silly arguments that are just plain silly.

We all heard the argument that: required to show an ID to vote, hurts the poor. see is required to show an ID when purchasing medications from a pharmacy, to buy cigarettes and liquor (especially, if youLOOK age to cash a check, and, in most cases, use a credit card to make a purchase, etc your argument is hurts the poor. the and disadvantage have to show an ID when applying for be it food stamps, welfare, or Medicare/Medicaid help?

How, again, does showing an ID to vote hurt ANYONE, other than those on the andthe Dems, who are railing against this argument, like a bucket without a bottom, just doesn hold water.

We have two major groups of people in this country those who are net tax payers and those who are net tax receivers. The net tax receivers have an enormous incentive to vote money out of the pockets of the earners and into benefits for themselves, either directly or through Democrat and socialistic candidates. If illegal aliensknow they probably won get caught, why wouldn vote for the candidate who will bring them amnesty? Citizenship comes with access to yet more benefits designed for the American needy, and who can compare Americanpoverty to thepoverty of those from the Third World? best fake id sites

to no money is being spent to investigate voter fraud, we only suspect it minimal so we don do careful comparisons from various databases to check it. This 5 year study by the Bush administration is to no money.

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