• L-Glutamine is produced in your muscles and found naturally in your body. It is an amino acid, which are the building blocks for proteins. It is also found in the foods we eat (but mostly animal products)
  • Stomach cells rely on energy produced by L-glutamine to strengthen and maintain the lining of your gut which preserves a protective barrier between your intestines and the rest of your body which stabilizes your overall gut health
  • L-glutamine is also responsible for repairing the damage which already exists within your intestines
  • Many people do not have high enough L-glutamine levels because they are decreased through stress, which is why so many people are left with leaky gut syndrome which is left undetected and never treated
  • When your body is under stress Glutamine helps even more than usual with bodily processes such as gut function and your immune system
  • L-Glutamine has been used to treat symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and even the side effects of chemotherapy