Increases emotional well-being


Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety


Helps with premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Improves sleep quality

Fun Facts
  • Tryptophan is an amino acid that, when digested, converts to a molecule known as 5-HTP, which is used to create serotonin (which aects your brain by inuencing sleep, cognition, and mood) and melatonin (which is the hormone that inuences your sleep-wake cycle)



  • Low levels of Tryptophan have been linked to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety


  • L-tryptophan is also suggested for women to help to regulate mood swings during premenstrual syndrome (PMS)



Combine With



Iron, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-2 to enhance results



When & How

1000 mg- increase by 500mg if needed

30 mins before sleeping On a full stomach





Check with a doctor if you are taking antidepressants




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Q & A
How does L-Tryptophan work?

What L-Tryptophan does is helps your body produce serotonin and melatonin, which are two key hormones in regulating your sleep cycle. L-Tryptophan makes you sleepy by producing melatonin, the hormone in charge of regulating your sleep cycle.

Other vitamin B12 benets?

Necessary to form red blood cells properly, neurological function, and the synthesis of DNA

How does L tryptophan help anxiety?

L Tryptophan helps anxiety naturally by increasing serotonin levels.

Is it safe to take tryptophan?
  • Yes, it is completely safe to take Tryptophan as long as you are not taking antidepressants.

Why can’t you take Tryptophan with anti-depressants?

Tryptophan increases serotonin, mixing the supplement with anti- depressants (which also increase serotonin levels) can raise serotonin levels too much. This can lead to anxiety and heart problems.


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